Why we created Spirit Hills Farm Inc. and what's coming......

A few years back I would have never guessed I would be doing what I'm doing today.  We have been looking and shopping for a permanent residence for a few years.  I know it shouldn't take that long but it did.

We thought we would go with a home in a neighborhood, then we even put down a down payment to build a new one and backed out.  I'm glad we did.

We finally decided to settle on buying land and building out in the country in florida.  My initial thoughts were to raise livestock or grow some type of product to pay for the land and the house.  I'm already thinking long term and retirement here. 

Once we spent more time out on the property the more I had the feeling that I wanted to do more with what we had.  I couldn't figure out exactly what it was that I wanted to do so I just started researching and piddling around the property.

After a little time passed I came up with an idea to build a barn that can be used as a "test kitchen" or a "canning and storage building"  What we are working on today will be used as event space, storage, dinner events and more.

We plan to be 100% self sustaining raising and growing our own food offering a C.S.A. to the community with the abundance that we grow.  Eventually I will have a small cattle operation.

My thoughts now are even bigger than before but I want to take my time and make sure I do it right.  I hope you stick around and learn more about what we are doing with Spirit Hills Farm.


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